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The Disability Royal Commission and Community Living Australia

The Disability Royal Commission and Community Living Australia

People with disability, like everyone else in our community, have the right to live free of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.  All Australians should have confidence in the quality and safety of supports and services that are provided to people with disability.  Community Living Australia has a zero-tolerance approach to violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation of people with disability in its supports and services, and in the community. 

Community Living Australia supports the Disability Royal Commission to bring about the necessary changes to improve the lives and welfare of people with disability, and we will continue to put people with disability at the core of everything we do, including managing our activities and responses to the work of the Disability Royal Commission.

Community Living Australia remains committed to:

  • Being open and transparent with the Disability Royal Commission
  • Ensuring people with disability are able to stay engaged and informed about the activities of the Disability Royal Commission
  • Ensuring our teams have access to information and tools to appropriately support people with disability, their families, and carers who may wish to make submission/s to the Disability Royal Commission
  • Committed to being accountable and taking responsibility for implementing changes, where needed
  • Identifying issues or problems arising from the work of the Disability Royal Commission and implementing improvements wherever possible
  • Advocating for, and facilitating wherever possible, greater access to the community for people with a disability, particularly people living in regional and rural Australia.

Video: Disability Royal Commission Update - May 2021

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