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Barb Raymond

As an Executive Assistant, my role is varied and extremely rewarding. I joined Community Living Australia in 2012 as part of the Reception and Administration team, and have thoroughly enjoyed contributing to an organisation dedicated to provided quality support and service delivery to people living with disabilities in regional South Australia.

I became interested in working in Disability services and for Community Living Australia because I could see the difference that the organisation makes to people with disabilities, not just locally but in the wider community. I was also attracted to the variety of work and the opportunity to be hands on across a variety of teams.

I enjoy working at Community Living Australia because of the commitment and vision of the people I work with, the interaction I have with our clients, the challenges of working within the sector and knowing that I can be instrumental in supporting our organisation put processes in place that work with these challenges and make a difference.

The staff in our organisation are always made to feel valued through training and career progression opportunities. There is a strong sense of commitment and enthusiasm within the management team, as well as great pride, trust and a team approach throughout the organisation.

I love that I have the ability to work within my own community in a stable, yet constantly progressing role. I get to make a difference by supporting our organisation to create communities where people with disabilities are valued and have greater access to opportunities and services.

Working for Community Living Australia gives you the opportunity to work within a not-for-profit organisation that is forward-thinking, really cares about making a difference, is honest in their dealings and has a lot of integrity in what they do.

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Molly Baulch

Over the last seven and a half years, I have had many roles with Community Living Australia. Currently, I am the Regional Manager for the Murraylands, based in the Murray Bridge Office.

After moving to Murray Bridge with my husband and two sons from a small country town in the Upper South East, I was looking for a career change and applied for a Support Worker role with what was then Community Lifestyles. The organisation has since provided me with many opportunities for career progression.

Through my role as a Support Worker, I was able to work across most services in the Murraylands region, giving me great experience working directly with people with disabilities and in the community. I soon moved in to the role of Systems Team Leader, which involved inducting new staff into services, training staff and assisting the Manager of Service Quality. Later, I was given the opportunity to apply to be a Coordinator for Day Options in Murray Bridge and was successful. During my time as a Coordinator, what was then Community Lifestyles underwent a successful merger with like-minded organisation, CLASS, and I was soon presented with the opportunity to progress to Regional Manager for the Murraylands for Community Living Australia.

Supporting people with disabilities to reach their dreams and live a more fulfilling life is certainly the most rewarding aspect of what I do, and it is the reason I come to work each day. Community Living Australia supports all its staff to be the best they can be, through numerous training and mentoring opportunities. The organisation is also flexible, and understands the importance of maintaining a good work/life balance.

Working with Community Living Australia is challenging but extremely satisfying, as I know that what I contribute to the organisation supports and enhances the lives of people with disabilities. I love that I am able to work in a diverse workplace, where no two days are the same and I continue to have the direct support and interaction with clients that I enjoyed so much as a Support Worker, as a Regional Manager. I would strongly recommend getting involved with disability services and our organisation to anyone who is looking for opportunities to thrive, to share their values with a variety of people, and to make a real difference in people's lives for the better.

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Emma Moreton

Working as a Support Worker at Community Living Australia, I have the opportunity to support people with disability to live fulfilling lives, to maintain and grow their skills, and to be a part of their communities.

I joined Community Living Australia 6 years ago, and in that time have worked across a variety of services including Accommodation, Day Options, Children's Services and Respite. Being able to teach our clients new skills, and to see them achieve their goals and be successful is the most rewarding part of the job for me.

I have the opportunity to work flexible hours, spend my time with other wonderful and passionate Support Workers and supportive Team Leaders, and I have the daily encouragement of knowing that my work is meaningful and important. Every day is different at Community Living Australia, and I love the ever-changing work environment.

Working as a Support Worker does not come without its challenges, some clients will have challenging behaviours at times and it is crucial to have conflict resolution skills in this role. The ideal Support Worker needs to be flexible, thoughtful, compassionate, and skilled at working in a team environment.

I really do believe that Community Living Australia is a great place to work, they are flexible with availability and their expectations are very clear and easy to follow, I always know what is expected of me while on shift.

Working as a Support Worker for Community Living Australia, you have the opportunity to do meaningful work that truly does support our clients to live life to the fullest. This is what I like most about my job.

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